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Nateca – Cuban coffee store offering you the highest quality and most organic coffee. Coffee grown, roasted, and packaged in Cuba. In addition to Cuban coffee, we also offer uniquely flavored coffees from El Salvador, Bolivia, Rwanda, Colombia, and other exotic locations. Our coffees are known for their organic nature (grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or additives) and a wide variety of flavors and aromas. We can also offer decaffeinated coffee and coffee capsules.

“CUBITA” – the coffee we are most proud of! Roasted and packaged in Cuba. The only Cuban coffee in Lithuania grown in the eastern part of the island of Cuba, on the slopes of the Sierra Maestra mountains. 100% Arabica with an elegantly and perfectly balanced acidic flavor, grown organically and tended by hand, also does not increase acidity. Nateca's assortment has something for even the most discerning coffee gourmet!

The history of Cuban coffee

Cuban coffee is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Unfortunately, for various reasons, Cuban coffee was accessible only to Cuban residents or visiting tourists for many years. In recent years, with positive changes in Cuba's economy, Cuban coffee has begun to conquer global markets and has become available to coffee connoisseurs.

Cuba's land is ideal for growing the highest quality coffee. In 1791, Jose Gerabert brought a coffee tree to the outskirts of Havana and established the first coffee production company. The first coffee beans were brought from the Dominican Republic, specifically from the Santo Domingo region. Coffee production in Cuba flourished with the arrival of French colonists who, fleeing the 1791 revolution, came to Cuba from Haiti. These enterprising individuals discovered wonderful lands and climate conditions suitable for coffee production in the Cuban mountains. This led to the creation of vast coffee plantations in Cuba, which quickly became major and powerful coffee production centers. Thanks to such prosperity, by the beginning of the 19th century, Cuba became the world's first coffee exporter. Due to the favorable geographical position of the Liberty Island and the average temperature ranging from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius, it became possible to grow very high-quality coffee beans, which are considered one of the best Arabica varieties in the world.

Today, Cuba is considered a substantial exporter, supplementing global markets with several dozen types of coffee. Therefore, all Cuban coffee outside the borders of the Cuban Republic is branded as CUBITOS, and every new variety introduced to the export assortment is considered only a variant of this coffee. CUBITOS is also the name of the company that manufactures and exports coffee. The company owns its plantations and also purchases coffee beans from local, private planters. The purchased beans are meticulously inspected and sorted, complex coffee blends are created, which are tightly packaged and exported to other countries.

Exceptional coffee variety – "CUBITA"

Cuba produces an exceptional variety of coffee that meets the highest quality standards. The coffee-growing traditions of Cuban peasants are distinguished by special attention given to the cultivation, collection, and processing of coffee beans. The use of exclusively organic fertilizers, fully manual harvesting, transportation of coffee beans in carts pulled by mules, and processing of coffee beans using modern electronic methods—constantly monitored by people who carry a significant responsibility for proper and high-quality coffee roasting—give Cuban coffee its incomparable flavor and divine aroma.

Cuban coffee flavor is rich, imbued with tobacco nuances. The caffeine content in the beans is quite high, making the coffee strong and thus highly valued. In Cuba, coffee is everywhere—when socializing with friends, at the center of conversations, or while waiting for guests and tourists. It is said that Cuban coffee is very strong, very sweet, and slightly dangerous, just like the people who drink it! Although it is claimed that true Cuban coffee can only be enjoyed in Cuba, you can at least come close to the real taste by enjoying "Cubita" coffee.