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We have selected the coffees our customers love the most. Taste and discover your personal harmony of flavors with coffees loved and recommended by the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Cuban coffee

This is 100% ecologically grown coffee from the far away and exotic island of Cuba. Completely organic, without artificial fertilizers or additives, free of pesticides and fungicides. Produced at an altitude of 400-600 m in the eastern part of the island, on the steep Sierra Maestros slops. Grown and maintained by local farmers without using any machinery. Cubita coffee beans will delight all coffee gourmets!

Organic coffee

Enjoy subtle flavors with organically grown and very high-quality coffee from Cuba, Tanzania, Colombia and others. Grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and additives.

Fair trade coffee

Fair trade coffee are the result of extensive hands-on effort. From cultivation and harvesting to processing and roasting, each step is executed with great care. Discover our organic coffee to find the perfect cup that suits your taste.

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